Student Testimonial:

"This course was beyond my expectations. It was highly professional, and explained many concepts and ideas I had never read or thought about before to take my art to a new level! I especially enjoyed the sections on pushing your boundaries and exaggerating your style, choosing a theme to work with, and taking inspiration from your other interests. Not only did it make me more confident, it also gave me a new burst of incentive to create bold, exciting art with my own unique style. I highly recommend this course to both new artists and those who need to get re-encouraged. Jessica does a great job at instilling joy, confidence, and excitement about creating art!"


Create Your Best Body of Work Yet. Full Tuition: $149

Have you ever felt like this?

Do you feel confused or overwhelmed with choice about what your true voice is? Maybe you try many styles, skipping between highly representational pencil renderings, to abstract expressionism, to painterly still lives, to cartoons. These are all part of what you can do, and I'm not discrediting any of it. However, there is a way to distill your essential voice into your own special, consistent way of creating. I truly believe that every artist has within them something unique to say and to make. All that we have to do it strip away anything blocking that creativity, and let the true voice of your artistic nature take the lead! Have you ever felt embarrassed that you are still trying to find yourself, artistically? You feel that you should have it figured out by now. It is actually not a matter of time, but of focus, thought, and self-discovery. This is what my course, "Discovering Your Artistic Voice," will guide you to do!

If you've ever felt frustrated trying to nail down your specific artistic style...

Or even confused HOW to discover your deepest artistic impulses and create with confidence in the first place...

This course can help you.

Because yes, you CAN discover your unique artistic style all on your own.  You are a smart artist whose inner brilliance will light the way.  But what this course offers is a SHORTCUT.  I want to save you precious time, so that you can get to where you want to be without wasting time.

You love the idea of streamlining your artistic vision to produce something really monumental.

But where to begin?  And how do you choose a style when you like so many?

You're not out to be the next Damien Hirst.  You don't dream of becoming the most famous artist on the planet.  But, if you're honest, you would really like to have a really STRONG body of work so that you have the best shot at showing in galleries, winning grants, and being published in leading art publications.

But, the endless hours of dabbling in your studio and experimenting for years hasn't gotten you where you dreamed of.  You are starting to wonder what is the point if after all of this time and effort (and money!) you may have poured into your art, you still aren't gaining the traction you want.

Fellow Artist...

Let me share with you what worked for me.

Imagine having work that was focused and strong enough that amazing opportunities came to you...naturally. Like the TV show on PBS I was featured in: they reached out to me after discovering my work fit what they were looking for!  Imagine awesome opportunities like this coming to you, when you have a body of work to show to the world that is YOUR BEST YET.

You'd have the confidence to apply for the best grants, send your work in to your dream gallery, and sleep soundly knowing that your work is authentic to you and in integrity with your truest self.

With your best work ready and waiting, you'd line up the commissions, art exhibits, and press features.

Say goodbye to artistic confusion forever.

You know your value as an artist, and are able to show that to the world through the best and most authentic work you've ever created.  With your personal best in hand, the art world is your oyster!

In Discover Your Artistic Voice, you will:

1. Avoid years of switching styles and find your own unique voice as quickly as possible.

2. Learn what ideas, colors, and imagery really light your fire

3. Incorporate the best parts of the artists you admire into your own work

4. Create with INTEGRITY, from the heart, so that you can stand behind your work and be proud of it!

5. Make your work strong and discover ways you can make it stronger

6. Set long-term goals to stretch you artistically

7. Learn techniques and exercises that will jump-start your creativity

8. Create a consistent body of work unique to your style

Discovering Your Artistic Voice: a guided course for visual artists to create their most consistent, passionate and authentic body of work, EVER!

I've created Discovering Your Artistic Voice for artists like you, so you can let your true artistic genius shine in as short an amount of time as possible!  

I give you the EXACT STEPS I took to streamline and focus my artistic practice that within one year resulted in a solo show, media interviews, and being featured in leading art publications.

Discovering Your Artistic Voice includes:

1. Easy to follow video lessons where I teach you the exact steps I took to build a strong artistic body of work

2. Worksheets for you to use as you do the exercises and homework

3. Surveys to get you to think and process about what you just learned

4. Video instruction length of 3.5 hours

5. Exercises and direction on how to structure your growth

6. Ongoing support: you'll get access to a private Facebook group where you can post your triumphs, struggles, or questions and I'll personally answer!

MOST IMPORTANTLY, you'll get the confidence and clarity you need to move forward as an artist!

Yours for whenever, and however you want it:

The course is immediately available to you to work through at your own pace, FOREVER.  It's accessible on your laptop or phone, and you can read the transcript or watch/listen to the videos!  Since the course materials are yours without an expiration date, you will have access to the course for as long as you need it!

The Curriculum:

Discovering Your Artistic Voice is made up of 7 Modules with 3 lessons within each module.  These include video and slideshow lectures, pdf downloadable worksheets, and surveys--all designed to help you spring forward and focus your creativity quickly!

Discovering Your Artistic Voice isn't for everyone.  It's not for you if:

1. You're happy where you are in your art career

2. You're satisfied with the ideas and execution in your current work

3. You already have a killer body of artwork of 10 pieces or more that you're extremely proud of

4. Opportunities are already coming to you--too many to handle!

5.  You don't have any time to create new artwork right now

6. Finding your authentic best work is not a priority

Above, The Butterflies, by Jessica Libor

However, you may be right for Discovering Your Artistic Voice if:

1. You're a hard worker

2. You're ready to take responsibility of your art career

3. You have big dreams 

4.  You have time to create new art, even if it is an hour a day

5. You're willing to look within yourself, even if it is uncomfortable

6. You are open to change

7. You have a deep desire to grow and become the best version of yourself--and that includes your best artwork!

8. You don't want to wait another year, month, or week to become the artist you aspire to be

9. You want to share your best work with the world

10. You are willing to invest in order to see the results that will change your career

So--are you in?

Yes, you could keep exploring and figuring things out on your own, having a lot of fun dabbling in different styles--but feeling frustrated that the opportunities you want aren't happening for you.  

Or, you could take a chance to learn from someone who's been exactly where you are, and come out on the other side willing to share the EXACT pathway and strategies I used to create a body of work that was SO AUTHENTICALLY ME, but consistent enough that galleries and art world professionals began to take notice.

I want this for you too!  I believe every human on this planet has the potential to fulfill their most ambitious, and most beautiful dreams.  You have the power within you to stand up to your full height of who you are meant to be.

I want you to express the fullest creative vision you have ever created.Above, Fields of Gold, oil and gold leaf on panel, by Jessica Libor

In this course, you will discover your artistic voice as never before.  

Your creative voice is a treasure:  sparkling, unique and precious. It is meant to be found. This guided course is like a treasure map, with each new lesson a clue! Are you ready to get started?  Click the button below to sign up and begin!


Jessica Libor

Artist Instructor

My name is Jessica Libor, and I am your instructor and designer of this course. I am a full-time artist, primarily as an oil painter. I have studied at various classical institutions such as the Florence Academy of Art, the Grand Central Academy of Art, and have received my Master of Fine Arts in 2014 from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. I have been honored to be featured in media outlets such as Create Magazine, Beautiful Bizarre Magazine, and American Art Collector, and many others. I'm an art professor at Harcum College. I exhibit in shows across the USA and also am the founder and curator for Era Contemporary. I tell you this so that you understand that art has been my lifelong passion, and it is a pleasure for me to talk with, help, and be inspired by other artists such as yourself. In this in depth course, "Discovering Your Artistic Style," we will mine the depths of your inspiration in order to bring forth your best, most authentic style as an artist.

Jessica has been featured in:

Frequently Asked Questions...

Your questions answered!

  • What if I'm not able to start right away?  That's have unlimited access to the course forever, so take your time and go at your own pace!
  • Do I need an art degree or prior experience to take this course?  Although the course was created for artists who already have a studio practice, this course is useful to any artist looking to focus in on their work and create something great.  You don't need prior experience or formal schooling.  In fact, anyone in the arts who is creative will get something out of the course!  Although I speak to artists, the same principles can be applied accross disciplines such as music and film making.
  • What if I don't get the results?  The only way you won't get results from this course is if you don't do the exercises and guided work assignments in the studio.  It works if you work it!
  • How long will this take?  The video training is 3.5 hours, but the worksheets and studio time assignments (for instance, creating 10 pieces in a certain theme) make the course hefty enough that you can spend a year on it if you wish.  However, if you work quickly then you can complete the course and assignments in a few weeks.  It depends on the kind of work you do, how long your pieces take, and how much time you have to dedicate to the work per week!
  • If you change or update the course, will I get access?  Absolutely!!! You'll always have access to the best version of the course that is available--even if the price goes up!
  • Can I get a discount?  There are no discounts for Discovering Your Artistic Voice.
  • Do you offer a refund policy?  Since this course is geared towards serious artists who will put in the time and effort to apply all the material in the course, there are no refunds available for Discovering Your Artistic Voice.
  • Can I share my progress of my art?  YES!  Tag @jessicaliborstudio on Instagram and #jessicaliboreducation and I would love to check it out!  You can also post pictures of your photos in the private facebook group!
  • I want more personalized guidance!  I offer personalized artistic coaching via Zoom--if you'd like more details email a list of your goals and an inquiry to [email protected].
  • I have more questions!  Go ahead and email Jessica at [email protected].